Aspen Wealth Management’s solution for retirement plans (401(k), 403(b), Money Purchase Pension, etc.) is to help the small and mid-sized companies in the Midwest minimize their fiduciary liabilities and enhance their employees’ benefit offerings, while improving their retirement investment performance. We know the importance of designing a plan that will benefit all employees, and to actively help them achieve their retirement goals.

Retirement Plan Design:  In designing a plan, Aspen Wealth Management strives to find the best possible retirement benefit solution for each company it represents.  Objectivity is essential to the solution.  By not representing any one company exclusively, Aspen can offer a solution tailored best for each company’s specific needs.  We carefully select only the best money managers in the country.  In addition, we ensure employees have access to a selection of investment vehicles that cover the appropriate spectrum of asset classes.  We strive to provide employees access to a variety of investment styles, enabling a workforce of diverse types of investors to have plenty of choices that will meet their needs.

Employee Education:  Employee education is an integral part of any type of corporate retirement plan.  However, it is often times the most overlooked and underserved aspect of the benefit.  Helping each employee choose their funds based upon asset allocation principles and the employee’s objectives is a service we can provide to your company.  This service will help employees improve their long-term return of their investment, sometimes their only investment, and it may also serve to enhance their overall relationship with the company, their employer. 

Low Cost Solution:  Business owners who already offer retirement savings plans are not aware of how much they are paying to administer their plan.  Often the fees and costs to the company are exorbitant.  Aspen’s retirement plan service fees are very competitive.  We can potentially cut your current plan costs adding immediate value to your company’s bottom line.  For businesses that don’t offer a retirement savings plan, this is a great new benefit to make available to your valuable employees, at a very low cost.

Comprehensive Solution:  Aspen Wealth Management oversees plan compliance and executive contribution limitations. We are committed to active involvement with employee education, enrollment, asset allocation, and financial planning advice when needed. The result is an effective retirement savings plan, where employees and executives can all maximize and grow their potential retirement savings

Corporate Retirement Services - 401(k) Plans