Aspen manages our clients’ investments through a limited power-of-attorney authorization.  Our clients’ funds are held in each individual’s name in their various locations, such as a brokerage firm.  A client has the ability to execute investment transactions as they wish, or as most individuals desire, we take care of those transactions for them.  
Each quarter Aspen provides a summary report to our clients. The report includes the rate of return for their investment portfolio, as well as a detailed investment portfolio holdings report. In addition, Aspen provides data from benchmark indices to illustrate relative performance.  We will bill our clients at this same time for our investment services.  As we work directly for each of our individual clients, we are paid no commissions for the investments that are chosen.  Our fees are paid quarterly, in arrears and are calculated as a percentage of the assets that we manage. 
Our client minimum is $100,000 in investment assets. 

Definition:  Alternative Investments - Higher net worth clientele qualify to invest in asset classes not available to the general public. Aspen Wealth Management offers our clients the benefits of our qualified research and access to alternative investment vehicles, such as private equity and limited partnerships. Most advisory firms don’t have knowledge or expertise in evaluating these alternative vehicles and thus won’t place capital in them. However, these asset classes can provide further diversification and often more optimized performance over time than other asset classes widely available.

.Fact: Performance of one’s investment portfolio is determined largely (91%) by asset class selection, followed by security selection (5%) and market timing (2%)  


Aspen Wealth Management provides investment solutions tailored to each individual client.  Our solutions are unmatched by any investment firm.  Through our network among the investment community, we do not limit our investment choices to merely individual stock portfolios, an allocation of mutual funds, or index funds.  The knowledgeable investor knows that in order to fully diversify and optimize risk and reward, the high net worth investor can also take advantage of alternative investments (e.g, private equity, real estate, limited partnerships).  

Aspen Wealth Management’s approach to objective investment management depends upon our client’s goals, risk tolerance, and size of investment portfolio. After determining your objectives, we select the appropriate asset class allocation. Subsequently, we objectively select only the top money managers, limited partnerships and private entities to design income tax efficient, customized portfolios, continuously reallocating them as conditions change over time.  Our clients’ portfolios vary widely along the spectrum of investment choices.  As their savings and their objectives change, so does their allocation across the spectrum.  Where are you now?  Where should you be?  

Investment Management